Chip Kidd & James Verdesoto: Whatever You Do DON’T STOP!

Chip Kidd & James Verdesoto: Whatever You Do DON’T STOP!

Design is one of the most crucial factors in attracting the audience and setting you apart from your competitors. I enjoy designing various things all the time! I took art class throughout high school, photojournalism, and graphic design for two years. When I was younger I used to love designing and creating jewelry and scrapbooking!

I really enjoyed watching Kidd’s Ted Talk regarding his design for books. The creativity and brainstorming process was really awesome to see. Instead of being boring and mundane he was acting funny and quirky. Usually, I do not enjoy watching Ted Talks because they seem boring to me and the topics never really interest me. Kidd’s upbeat behavior and personality really made the Ted Talk fun to see. Also, the topic of design was actually interesting to see rather than scientific or academic speeches. What I liked about reading the article was Kidd’s definition of graphic design.

“Much of what makes the book as enticing for children as it is refreshing for adults is Kidd’s determination to strip design from the shackles of over-intellectualization and boring jargon. He begins at the beginning:”

“Okay, so just what is graphic design?”

“The dull but correct answer is that graphic design is purposeful planning that uses any combination of forms, pictures, words, and meanings to achieve one’s goal.”

“But that is boring.”

“The far more interesting answer is that graphic design is problem-solving (and sometimes making something really cool in the process). There are all kinds of problems to solve: good, bad, complicated, easy, annoying, fascinating, dull, life-threatening, mundane. There are problems that matter only to you and no one else, and problems that determine the fate of mankind. And some of them are truly unsolvable — but of course that doesn’t stop people from trying, and it shouldn’t. But the main thing to learn about graphic design problem-solving is that the best solution can usually be found in the best definition of the problem itself.”

I really liked this excerpt from the article because it shows how he wants artistic kids and adults to learn in a fun way! He wants it to be anything but boring. He really seems like a cool dude.

“Graphic design needs your willing mental participation, even if it’s subconscious. Graphic design is message-sending into the brain. It is a cerebral experience, not a physical one. Architecture wants you to walk through it. Industrial design takes your hand (or other body parts) to appreciate it. Fashion makes you put it on. But Graphic design is purely a head trip, from your eyes to your mind.”

I also really like this quote because I love the process of creative thinking and visual art making that broadens and enhances the understanding of graphic design. I just love the creativity and artistic innovation.

James Verdesoto is a movie poster artist that has been designing posters for over thirty years. I especially love this video because he explains the colors associated with the moods, and the technicality of it all. I really enjoy witnessing the brainstorming process of it all! Very interesting video. It was so fascinating to me that I would actually like to take a college class on this! Graphic design in general is fascinating. I liked the way Verdesoto was describing the posters. It was very informative, insightful, and professional. Overall, the video showcased how much thought is put into creating these works of art. The goal is to capture the audience by utilizing specific elements and principles.

Check out a few of my graphic design artworks!

I learned some from YouTube tutorials!

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