Final Project/Weekly Summary: Album Cover Design & Playlist!

Final Project/Weekly Summary: Album Cover Design & Playlist!

I am soooo excited to share our final project with you guys!!! I am really happy this week wasn’t stressful. This project was a lot of fun to complete! My partner for this project is Kenneth Hargrove. The plan for this project was to design an album cover in the GIMP program and then add music and special effects in the FL Studio software. The title of the album cover is Pandemic Playlist. The theme of this project is telling a story that listening to songs helped people cope with emotional challenges while COVID-19 quarantining. Music helped a lot of people stay sane during the health crisis. Ultimately, music is good for our soul and can uplift our spirits. Kenneth and I couldn’t meet up in person because we had some time conflicts and obviously there were COVID restrictions. However, this project could easily be done without meeting each other. We were both constantly texting each other and there were no problems with communication/Wi-Fi. I will be explaining my album cover design process and Kenneth will explain the specials effects in his own post.

Since the title is Pandemic Playlist I immediately thought of the DS106 Podcast Poster that I made. The first thing I did was open GIMP and changed the canvas size to Width:1080px and Height:1080px. Then, I opened the GIMP file of the earth with the mask and placed the earth on the new canvas. I had already cut out the earth to place in front of a different galaxy background for the podcast poster, so that part was already done!👏🏻👌🏻 Then, I imported this beautiful galaxy gif and placed it in the background. The font color for the title is white because I thought it looked pretty against the blueish background and white stars. Also, the earth was mainly blue and white. The font I used was Felix Titling because I liked the retro look. I then imported the image as a PNG!

Next, I decided to create a separate file of there being no background, so it is completely transparent. The gif does not work as a PNG. So, I saved the image with the transparent background as a PNG and imported the image into Then, I pasted the gif in the background and it downloaded as a one second video. When I texted the video to Kenneth in the GroupMe app there was an option to convert the video into a gif! I was soooo happy because I was trying to create a gif this whole time! The app easily converted the video to gif! I sent Kenneth the PNG in case he was going to have trouble with the gif. The gif does not work in this post so I will be posting the video. Here’s a screenshot of my workspace in GIMP, the video, PNG, and the link to the final project below!👇🏻


I am so happy with how this turned out! Though, the white border on the cover is bothering me a little bit. But…overall this looks amazing!!!! Kenneth did a fantastic job with putting everything together!!! I enjoyed this project and I hope you all have a great summer!!!!

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