Operation Childhood & A Day In A Pandemic!

Operation Childhood & A Day In A Pandemic!

I really enjoyed listening to Operation Childhood-Radio Show. I liked the sound effects! Especially, the carnival music. The carnival music was perfect because it makes the audience feel nostalgic vibes. Also, I feel like they maybe could’ve added more sound effects, but it was still great! Listening to this podcast reminded my of my childhood memories. I have to admit, I wasn’t a wild child and I did not get in accidents too often. I was actually really shocked about the first story! The first story was about one of the group members not eating and going to the hospital. I felt so sad! However, I’m glad to know that everything eventually became normal, and it was just a phase…I guess. The stories were really interesting. I could relate to some of topics such as obsessing over carbs and travelling to Italy. I enjoyed tweeting about this podcast and learned ONE IMPORTANT RULE!!!🙅🏻‍♀️⬇

I tuned into A Day In The Pandemic Podcast! Hearing the podcast on the DS106 radio was a really cool experience! I was loving the tweets that were coming in! I’m glad to hear that people loved my bumper and the sound effects. I also LOVE the music which is why I chose it for my bumper and commercial. Some of the audio was hard to hear, but that’s because we were unable to reserve the recording room. There were some difficulties accessing the recoding booth. Overall, I think we did a great job in coming up with the topics, Matthew did a fantastic job putting everything together, and the tweets!

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