Revisiting The Daily Creates

Revisiting The Daily Creates

The two daily create assignments that I picked to rework on are Float An Original Iceberg and Make A Safety Sign. Throughout this semester, I worked really hard on all of the assignments in this class. I did every assignment and I put a lot of thought and effort into the big assignments. I decided to recreate two daily creates because they are fairly easy and I wanted to branch away from the tedious stressful assignments. The big assignments were fun, but I like the end result just the way it is. For the daily creates I liked the process of coming up with ideas and drawing different shapes. I especially liked picking out different signs. I chose to draw a big star as the iceberg and created a fire hazard sign. Here are my revised daily creates below!

Star Iceberg

Fire Sign

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      Hi Hena,
      I liked how you chose to rework some TDC’s because you felt proud of the way your larger assignments turned out. I would love to hear more about which ones you think are some of your best work. What did you do last time you did these particular daily create assignments, or was this your first time doing them?

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        The assignments that I am very proud of are week five and six assignment bank assignments. You should check it out!😁
        I have completed these two TDC’S before. I drew waves for the iceberg and a COVID-19 sign.

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