The Visuals of Storytelling

The Visuals of Storytelling

I always loved photography, but I never had a professional camera other than my iPhone up until my junior year of high school. I decided to take a photojournalism class! I bought my first professional camera which was the Canon EOS Rebel T5i. My teacher Ms. Marshall created the winners for Photo of The Week every week. Every week she would pick the best photo and hang it up in the classroom. I won photo of the week three times! I even won an award for this class at the end of the year. However, I gradually stopped taking photos my senior year because life just got busy. Unfortunately, I kind of forgot my photography skills, but I still kept my notes for that class in case I needed them in the future. After I graduate, I definitely want to get back into photography and maybe even take a class! Especially, because in high school it was more about the grades and also the journalism aspect. To be very honest, I only care about the photography aspect of it. So, taking only a photography class outside of school without grades seems like an exciting hobby to me!

I LOVE flowers (as you can tell😂) so, I enjoy taking pictures of flowers and nature. One of the units in my photojournalism class was on the topic of bokeh. I absolutely LOVE bokeh. I won photo of the week for bokeh! I cannot put it into words, but I love the stunning out of focus aesthetics vibes of bokeh photography. I love depressing dark rainy peaceful weather. So bokeh photos at night or in the rain are to die for. As of now, I do not take that many photos anymore, so I do not have a particular approach when taking photos other than trying to achieve the best image quality. I would like to improve on my photography skills IN EVERY ASPECT!!! Literally everything! But first, I should go back and revisit my notes.

There is a phrase that states “A picture is worth a thousand words.” This quote is the definition of visual storytelling. Of course, not all photographs narrate a story, but this is where the journalism aspect comes into play. I like this aspect, but at the same time, I mainly want to focus on my photography skills. But I do understand the journalism aspect because..well..”A picture is worth a thousand words.” I believe the best way to tell a story is through a series of photos. Writing a paragraph or full essay is best with only just one photo because it gives the reader a better idea about “why?” and is better way to connect with your reader about the background story. The series of images can become a photo essay which is a fantastic way in telling a visual story rather than using words. This method brings forth a narrative through a series of images.

These are the three photos that I won from my photojournalism class. The first two photos I focused on the creating that visual depth. The bokeh is apparent in the first photo but very noticeable in the second. The level of brightness was on the higher spectrum in the first image and the use of light in the second image feels very warm with darker hues. WordPress decreased the quality of the third photo. The lighting was very high and the snow in the background goes beautifully with the lotion sending the message of “Fresh Sparkling Snow” that is white and bright. The snow does not add clutter or distracts but rather complements the lotion bottle with the white and blue tones. I do not remember what the aperture, shutter speed, and ISO were, but let’s just say I am proud of these photographs!

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