WEEK ELEVEN Assignment Bank: Lyrics, Travelling, and Six Second Art!

WEEK ELEVEN Assignment Bank: Lyrics, Travelling, and Six Second Art!

This week one of the assignments we were given was to choose assignments from the “Video Assignments” section in the assignment bank. All of the assignments combined have to have a total of ten stars. The assignments I chose were “Create A Lyric Video” (4 1/2 stars), “Where Do You Want To Go?” (4 stars), and “#SixSecondArt” (1 1/2 stars).

Create A Lyric Video


For this assignment I created a lyric video from my favorite song Flaws by Vancouver Sleep Clinic. I love the dreamy ambient feeling, and I always think about looking at the stars. I love stargazing and wanted to get a really pretty gif as the background. I found this really beautiful galaxy gif and decided to import the gif into I LOVE this website because there is no logo and you can use YouTube links as audio background without any copyright issues! This is so much easier to use than iMovie. I have tried to use iMovie for week ten, but you have to buy it without having the big logo in the middle and the quality was not that amazing. The font I chose was Good Vibes and I added fading transitions with every intro of the text. This editing software made it really easy to copy and paste some repetitive lyrics while maintaining the text settings. I had to make sure the transitions were smooth between the next set of lyrics by moving each set of lyrics underneath/diagonal the previous set. The lyrics basically looked like they formed stairs in the timeline. The gif and track were all one bar that would start and end at the same time. I think opening credits usually do not look good in the beginning of lyric videos, so I added closing credits with all of the information! I think the video turned out to be really beautiful!

Where Do You Want To Go?


For this assignment I created a video montage about a place I always dreamed of travelling to! The destination that I want to travel to is Santorini, Greece. I think Santorini is really beautiful and it seems like the perfect peaceful getaway. I used to create this video. I used twelve pictures total and they are Santorini Title, Santorini 1, Santorini 2, Santorini 3, Santorini 4, Santorini 5, Santorini 6, Santorini 7, Santorini 8, Santorini 9, Santorini 10, Santorini 11, and Santorini 12. This project actually took longer than I expected. The background music that I used was Santorini Vibes 2019 – Greek Non-Stop Music. This video is actually 37:41 minutes long, so when I pasted the music into the timeline it jumbled all of the photos. So, I had to trim this really long video which took longer than I expected, and then reassemble the photos. After that, I used the Alex Brush font with dark outlining, drop shadow effect, and slow reveal animation with the intro and outro. After placing the text I chose to have the slow fading animation for every photo’s intro. I think the Greek music fits perfectly with the beautiful photos!



For this assignment I created a six second video about how to add a background wallpaper in the app PicCollage. I screen recorded while adding the background and then trimmed the beginning and ends of the video. Then, I uploaded the video onto I added background music SOUND EFFECTS YOU NEED FOR YOUR AUDIOS!! to the intro, main video, and outro. I used the Apple gif as the intro because this tutorial was made by an Apple iPhone. The font I chose was Arizonia with a pop animation for the text intro. I actually loved the pop, gif, and ring sound because it all goes in sync with each other. After the intro is the main video. For the outro I used the blue and green smoke gif because I thought it looked really cool. The font and animation were kept the same. Overall, I like the creativity, and even though the main video was only six seconds I think the end result turned out to be super awesome!

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      I love your dream trip video. I have never been out of the US and Santorini, Greece looks like a beautiful place to visit. (It might end up on my to travel list). I do have one question: Why, other than it being absolutely gorgeous, do you want to visit it?

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