WEEK NINE: The Daily Creates

WEEK NINE: The Daily Creates

March 21, 2021

Professor Lemur

March 22, 2021

Autumn To Spring Poem

March 23, 2021

Magical Peacock

The Daily Creates Story

Today is the first day of school and I am really excited! I was so excited that I could not sleep last night. I brushed my teeth, got dressed, ate breakfast, and went on the school bus. I was really happy to see my friends because I was too busy to hang out with them in the summer. The school bus arrived, and I opened my notebook to find the class schedule. The first period was English class, and the professor was Mr. Lemur. When I walked into the classroom I was in awe. I loved the way he decorated the classroom! It was colorful and he was sweet enough to welcome the students on their first day with a sign he made. I sat down and took out my school supplies.

Mr. Lemur began to introduce himself and reviewed the syllabus. Then, we had to work on the first assignment which was to write a poem about autumn and spring weather. I decided to write a poem on the outdoor weather transitioning from falling leaves to blooming flowers. As I was writing the poem, I started to get a little drowsy. My eyes started to get heavy, and I slowly drifted off into a deep sleep.

I was imagining a beautiful utopian world with big waterfalls and greenery all around. Then, I stumbled upon the most beautiful peacock I have ever seen. She was sitting on a purple furry bean bag, and she had a crystal ball right beside her. I walked up to the peacock and slowly bent down so she would not get startled. I touched the crystal ball and BAM! I woke up to Mr. Lemur screaming my name. I apologized and tried to compose myself. I could not believe that I actually dozed off on the first day of school. I made a mental note to always go to bed at a decent time, so I would not go to sleep while in class. Finally, first period was over, and as I was walking out of the classroom thinking about the dream.  

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