WEEK SIX Assignment Bank: The Power Of My Editing Preserved In Digital Format

WEEK SIX Assignment Bank: The Power Of My Editing Preserved In Digital Format

This week one of the assignments we were given was to choose 4-5 assignments from the Design Category in the assignment bank. The assignments I chose were Design The Cover Of Your Autobiography (2 stars), Motivational Poster (3 stars), Advertisement Using A Cartoon Character (3 1/2 stars), and Storytelling Through Pictures (3 1/2 stars).

Design The Cover Of Your Autobiography

For this assignment I used the GIMP program to create the cover of my autobiography. This cover applies to the theme What’s (Y)our Story? theme! This assignment is only worth two stars; however, I went above and beyond to make it worth five stars. I wanted to bring my graphic design skills back. I started graphic design in my last two years of high school, and then cancelled my Adobe subscription after I graduated because it was too expensive and I had to focus on my other courses. I’m not the best graphic designer, but I really do try my best at achieving the best results by watching tutorials, and doing research. GIMP is like the…alternative to Photoshop! For all of the assignments, there were a tonnnnnnn of steps. There were so many steps that I actually forgot some of the steps and the order. So, I will try my best, and I will try to make it short and sweet.

I am kind of upset that WordPress brought the quality/resolution down when I uploaded it. The quality is far better in the GIMP program. I even exported them as PNGS, so I find it strange that the website brought the image quality down. Opening them as PNGS are fine as well. I had difficulty uploading the poster…I kept getting an error message, but I’m glad it finally worked somehow.

I remember using the double exposure effect in high school. I love this effect and used it in my photojournalism class too! I was the topper in that class when it came to graphic design because I already had some skills. This feature is especially great when adding a cool background to texts. I watched some YouTube tutorials, but mainly How to Erase and Replace Any Image Background in GIMP 2.10, How to Make a 3D Book Cover Using GIMP, and Create a Double Exposure Effect in GIMP 2020. I changed some things up and added my own elements. Instead of sticking with a plain green background I added the picture that was having the see through effect on myself. I made myself pop out more and decreased the transparency of the background. It’s not perfect….but I tried. It would have been cooler if all of the elements in the picture was a solid color that had a matching background. But I also don’t mind this different approach.

The font I chose was Perpetua Titling MT Light. I chose this font because it goes really well with the floral background. I didn’t want a font that was too heavy and really cursive looking. I wanted that plain text that had just a teeny bit of thickness, and that didn’t look too much like Times New Roman. I wanted to achieve that dainty sharp looking text.

The placing of the texts was important. This was a unique approach because I didn’t want plain boring text in a straight line at the top. The words Story and Life are bigger in size compared to the rest of the words. The two words are the main elements of the book that draw the reader’s attention. The diagonal placement of text is able to work around my photo. I didn’t want to place the picture smack in the middle. That’s just too boring for me. I placed myself on the side just like the photography technique rule of thirds. Instead of listing the thousand steps in completing this. I would say skim the videos.

Motivational Poster

For this assignment I used the GIMP program to create a motivational poster from an image. I am a huge girly girl, love fashion, love dressing up, wearing makeup, and expensive things. I wanted to find an image with all of these elements and my favorite color. I opened this image in GIMP and added the border to it by clicking Help and Search and Run a Command, or you can click the forward “/” key button on the keyboard as a shortcut. Then, type border in the search bar and click Add Border. I am unable to find the border settings that I chose; however the Delta value on color was increased to give the border a more 3D look. The font I chose was the Vladimir Script. I chose this font because cursive fonts means really fancy font, and I love fancy things. The cursive font presents a more girly feeling against the light and dark hues of pink, and the sparkle. The motivational quote The goal is to be rich, not to look rich is a quote I will always love and try to follow. I think the quote fits this image well.

Advertisement Using A Cartoon Character

For this assignment I used the GIMP program to create a one of a kind fast-food advertisement using a Disney character. I actually did not need to watch a YouTube video to complete this. I just had to do some research and put my knowledge that I learned to make my book cover into creating this unique advertisement. I wanted to create an advertisement of food because I thought it would be funny to think of a cartoon character eating or placing them in a restaurant. I remember seeing this image of Cinderella in a meme a long time ago. I love Chick-fil-A and it’s super popular, so I just put two and two together. I thought of putting ketchup sauce or something on her face to make it seem like she got caught because she wasn’t sharing, or cheating on her diet.

In the original image she had what it seemed like a roll of paper in her hand. I wanted to replace that paper roll with a beverage. I didn’t want to crop someone else’s arm and cover her original arm because that would look incredibly fake. I also did not want to put the smoothie over the paper roll because it would look like it was floating in the air and she wouldn’t be holding it. This is the part where it got a little tricky. To make it seem more realistic I had to crop out her fingers and adjust the layers. The layers with the fingers were put above the cup. Her thumb was the biggest problem. However, some people take pictures of their drinks with their entire hand covering the back while the front of the drink is facing the camera. Like this photo. Sometimes the thumb is covered. This shot is perfect for Instagram stories or Snapchat. So, let’s imagine Cinderella is attempting that look lol.

I didn’t want to save a PNG of a drink because I thought liquid on her face wouldn’t be funny. There were no PNGS of Chick-fil-A smoothies so I saved a smoothie image and made it transparent in GIMP. I saved PNG’S of the food, the logo, and the milk moustache. The logo was originally black. I wanted to use the bucket tool and change the color to red to make it pop. I used the perspective took to adjust the logo so it didn’t look too flat on the mirror. Overall, I think it looks awesomeeee!!!

Storytelling Through Pictures

For this assignment I used pictures from the best times of my life to tell a story. This could also apply to the theme of the class! Instead of creating a PowerPoint or collage I wanted to try something new. I actually made this during week one of this course when we were instructed to create a YouTube Channel. I used the website in creating this video. The song I used was Au Revoir by OneRepublic. I think this music fits so perfectly well because it gives off memorable vibes. Every time I hear this music I think of fulfilling my dreams, travelling, and just having fun in life…because life is too short. I always want to remain positive and optimistic. The music also gives me nostalgia of all the good times I had, and the memories I made. After creating the video in the YouTube width size, I then recreated another version of the iPhone size. The free trial does not give me access to the same video after a certain period of time. So, I am unable to find the font settings and speed I had chosen. Let me know what you think!

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      Great job working with GIMP. I find the program frustrating after so many years of working with Photoshop, but I’m working on getting used to it. One suggestion I might make is to rethink the title of your autobiography. Something more meaningful, something that says something about you, might work better – perhaps something that relates to the floral theme in the design. Just a thought.

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