WEEK TWELVE: Karaoke & Bollywood Mashups/Remixes

WEEK TWELVE: Karaoke & Bollywood Mashups/Remixes

This week one of the assignments we were given was to choose assignments from the “Mashup Assignments” section in the assignment bank. All of the assignments combined have to have a total of eight stars. The assignments I chose were “Buffalax!” (3 stars) and “Animoji Karaoke” (5 stars). Additionally, I chose to do two remixes from previous assignments. The assignments I chose to remix are “You’re Favorite Photo” (1 1/2 stars) and “Colorize It” (3 stars).


For this assignment I created English subtitles for a Bollywood song. This song is called Mohe Rang Do Laal (Original HD Version) from the 2015 film Bajirao Mastani (Trailer). Sanjay Leela Bhansali is my favorite director and three of his films are my favorite. All three films have the leading stars Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh. Both of them are my favorite. The woman in the video is Deepika Padukone. I love the cinematography, dialogue, background score, songs, choreography, and pretty much everything. Also, most of you guys probably know Indian actress Priyanka Chopra. She is actually in this film! She’s not my favorite, but her acting was really good in this movie! The singer is Shreya Ghoshal and she is my absolute favorite singer ever. Her voice sounds like an angel! I first screen recorded the song on my iPhone then imported the video into Then, I placed the text boxes every time Shreya sang in Hindi and I translated the lyrics into English. I used 2-3 websites as reference for the translation because sometimes the lyrics are “interpreted differently” so I wanted to try to be as accurate as possible. The font I used was Dancing Script and the maroon color I used was #A21501. Next, I bolded and added shadow to the text with fading transitions. I had to make sure the transitions were smooth between the next set of lyrics by moving each set of lyrics underneath/diagonal the previous set. Of course, the quality went bad when I exported the video but check out the original HD version, absolutely stunning!

Animoji Karaoke

For this assignment I recorded a video of my Memoji while singing to It Will Rain by Bruno Mars. I used to listen to this song all the time in middle school. I sometimes listen to this song now and think of all the nostalgic memories. I believe this Memoji looks like me because of her brown eyes and long dark hair. I am a huge girly girl so I added pink lipstick with big earrings. I recorded the video of me lip-syncing to the song; however, I did not like the muffling sounds of me lip-syncing. So, I muted the video and imported the video into Then, I imported the song (linked above) and synced the song to the video. I think it looks so cute!

Your Favorite Photo? REMIX


The previous assignment that I chose to remix was “Your Favorite Photo.” I wanted to remix two easy assignments that weren’t too difficult or time consuming to do. I found a PNG photo of a mustache and then I imported both of the photos into GIMP. Initially, I imported the image as a PNG, but for some reason the PNG was unable to load on the blog page. So, I converted the image into a JPEG, but this kind of reduced the quality. I think it’s quite an interesting twist.

Colorize It REMIX


The second previous assignment that I chose to remix was “Colorize It.” The sidekick I chose was Sebastian from Disney’s The Little Mermaid. I chose Sebastian because he was an awesome sidekick for Ariel. He is loyal, kind, and an overall cool crab. Also, he’s the perfect sidekick because DUH! we’re at the beach!😂 I found a PNG of Sebastian and imported both of the photos into GIMP. Then, I exported the image as a PNG and Whalllaaa!!!

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