Weekly Summary: WEEK NINE

Weekly Summary: WEEK NINE

This week has been a really relaxing week. This was much needed. I enjoyed listening to the podcasts! Congratulations everyone we did it! I am impressed! The podcast that I listened to was Operation Childhood. This podcast reminded me of my childhood memories, and the carnival music gave me nostalgic vibes. I could even relate to some of the topics as well. Most of the podcast was about the group members getting injuries…OUCH! I definitely did not get a lot of injuries. I was not interested in doing adventurous things. The next day, I tuned into my own podcast A Day In The Pandemic. I think Matthew did a fantastic job putting everything together. I was upset that some audio was hard to hear, but that’s because we were unable to reserve the recording booth. However, I still think it turned out awesome! I provided a link of my podcast reflection below!

The daily creates this week were fairly easy to do. I enjoyed completing all three daily creates. The three assignments that I chose were Put Lemurs Into Learning, Spring/Autumn Changing Weather Changing Being Outdoor/Indoor, and Get Centered. I loved the Get Centered create because I love how colorful and beautiful it is. Peacocks are my favorite animal. Instead of space, I wanted to put the majestic peacock in a beautiful nature background. The peacock is sitting on a purple furry bean bag with a magic crystal ball.

The story that I came up with is a student going to school on the first day. The professor is Mr. Lemur and the first assignment is to write a poem about the weather. Suddenly, the student falls asleep and imagines the peacock in the beautiful utopian world. The two daily creates that I reworked are Float An Original Iceberg and Make A Safety Sign. I think I already did a great job on the big assignments and decided to revisit the TDC’S because they are fairly easy to recreate. I created a star as the iceberg and a fire hazard sign. I provided a link to my daily creates/story and rework daily creates below.

I came up with some project ideas. I chose Create a YouTube tutorial about any routine, Podcast about our favorite childhood movies, Create a website all about you! (Accomplishments/Dreams/Travelling), Create a YouTube video narrating your favorite childhood book, and Design a digital poster/collage of your childhood photos. I provided a link to my project ideas post below!

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