Weekly Summary: WEEK SIX

Weekly Summary: WEEK SIX

Week six is probably my favorite week. This week was the most challenging, but I also had a lot of fun at the same time. The program I used for this week was GIMP. GIMP is an alternative to Photoshop. Since I cancelled the Adobe membership a few years ago, and it’s just too expensive I decided to download the free version of GIMP. I enjoyed watching the Ted Talk and move poster design videos. The videos were actually not boring, but quite fascinating. I think it would be cool to take a college course on poster design! I am really proud of my assignments this week. GIMP was a little more frustrating to use than Photoshop, but I somehow made it work!

The first assignment I started off with was the assignment bank assignments. I just wanted to dive in because I was excited to think outside of the box. I love designing things so much! This week, we were instructed to create 4-5 assignments from the Design Category. The assignments I chose were Design The Cover Of Your Autobiography (2 stars), Motivational Poster (3 stars), Advertisement Using A Cartoon Character (3 1/2 stars), and Storytelling Through Pictures (3 1/2 stars). I really enjoyed completing all of the assignments. I think it’s really hard to pick a favorite. They were challenging at first and I was getting frustrated, but I didn’t give up. I was determined to achieve the best results. There are a ton of steps! If you are interested in creating one of these looks skim through the YouTube videos I provided in the post, and do some more research. I am very happy about the final result. I provided a link to my assignment bank post below!

The daily creates this week were not that fun, but I enjoyed seeing everyone’s submissions. The three assignments that I chose were National Public Sleeping Day, Float An Original Iceberg, and Make A 24/7 Video. My favorite daily create this week was the sleeping one. I love my cousin soooo much and thought the submission photo was the most cutest and perfect photo ever! I provided a link to my Daily Creates post below!

Learning about Kidd’s journey regarding the creation of book covers was really interesting! I like that he was trying to be funny and didn’t want to be serious and give a boring speech. I especially loved the movie poster videos. I think it’s sooo cool how the Stranger Things title sequence was made. Reflecting on my design skills made me miss the graphic design projects I was working on in my photojournalism class. I was winning photo of the week and I was appreciated for my work. Overall, I enjoyed this week and designing various things! I provided a link to my reflection and DesignBlitz post below!

Additionally, I am continuing to like and comment on other students’ work! I submitted my top three posts of this week!🖱🏆👍🏻

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