Weekly Summary: WEEK THREE

Weekly Summary: WEEK THREE

This week has been going pretty well! Even though this course is work heavy, I feel like I understand everything and I actually know what I am doing. The work can be tedious sometimes plus with the other classes and homework that I have to complete. I feel like I already got the really hard stuff out of the way. Such as, creating the WordPress website and trying to set everything up. It was just really overwhelming in the beginning.

I usually like to start off with the Assignment Bank to try to get as much finished as I can. I actually enjoy doing the bank assignments, especially the first week. I am not a huge fan of the writing assignments but I still like how I can use my imagination and become creative! This week, all of the assignments combined have to have at least a total of twelve stars. The assignments I chose were Dear Future Husband (2 stars), Emotional Lyrics (3 stars), Changing Fortunes (3 stars), and To My Mom (4 stars). I enjoyed writing The Future Husband assignment, but it also really made me get a little emotional. Writing the letter made me think deeply about my future and how everything I wrote in that letter was really important to me. I did hesitate posting it because it seemed really personal and intimate, but I took my time to write that letter and eventually decided to just post it. It was sort of an emotional rollercoaster ride when it came to all four of the writing assignments this week. I mean, I wasn’t crying, but it was surely hitting me in the feels­čśé. I provided a link to my assignment bank post below!

I have to be honest, I did complete the three daily creates this week; however, I did not enjoy them as much as the previous week. The three assignments that I chose were What is Outside That Window? Picture It For us, Make a Safety Sign, and What does the KOPPEKUđśđ» Do? I did enjoy capturing a photo for the first daily create, but the other two were a bummer. I thought I would enjoy creating the safety sign, but I just didn’t enjoy brainstorming ideas and it was quite boring. The last daily create did not make any sense to me, and I was very confused. I tried to reverse Google search the images to have an idea in mind, but I am still a little confused about the purpose of the equipment. I provided a link to my Daily Creates post below!

The last assignment that I completed was the story analysis. I was thinking for awhile about what story I should choose for this assignment. I did not want to pick a book or a movie that was super long. Then, the idea of short stories popped into my mind. I remembered really liking a short story that I saw in the theaters and Wallaaa!!! The cute little dumpling came into my mind. I decided to write about the short film Bao. Bao was written and directed by Domee Shi. I actually learned that Shi was the first woman ever to direct a Pixar short film! I actually enjoyed analyzing Bao because I realized the importance of family and how mothers around the world really look out for us. I am not a mother, but the message was heartwarming. I enjoy and appreciate seeing the Chinese culture! This short film played right before the screening of The Incredibles 2. The Incredibles were a big part of my childhood, so I also felt really happy to see two amazing films in one sitting. I provided a link to my story analysis post below!

Additionally, I am continuing to like and comment on other students’ work!

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