Weekly Summary: WEEK TWO

Weekly Summary: WEEK TWO

I enjoyed completing the various assignments this week! I started off with the Assignment Bank and wanted to choose the options that interested me the most. The three assignments that I chose are Your Favorite Photo (1 1/2 stars), TV Show Gifs (2 starts), and Tongue Twister (3 stars). I enjoyed thinking outside of the box and figuring out creative ways to complete the project. I believe the most challenging assignment was the Tongue Twister because I had difficulty figuring out how to combine the background music to the video. I originally made a voice memo; however, I had a lot of trouble adding music to the voice memo. So, I screen recorded the video from my OneDrive because it would not save in my camera roll. Then I screen recorded the music and combined the videos through an app called InShot. I really liked how I felt more in control this week. I am still a little confused about making my WordPress website perfect; however, I am gradually getting the hang of it. I felt very overwhelmed the first week, so I am glad I felt less stressed this week despite all the work that was assigned. I provided a link to my assignment bank post below!

I really enjoyed the daily creates because there are sort a of “mini challenges” that helped me find creative ways to complete the challenge in any medium. The four assignments that I chose are Catastic Poetry, Your Own Keith Haring, Calling Creative Captioners, and Photo of Emptiness. I believe the most challenging daily create was the Keith Haring challenge because I had difficulty with the copying/pasting and formatting the people so they were able to fit evenly around the earth. The creative exercises really helped me brainstorm different techniques of trying to make use of various technological applications. I really hope to enhance my digital literacy by using a variety of techniques and methods. Also, I am still continuing to edit my website. I am a huge girly girl so I love the color pink and I love flowers, especially roses. So, I created a floral theme with a pop of pink. I will also continue to comment on other students’ posts! I provided a link to my Daily Creates post below!

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