What’s (Y)our Story?

What’s (Y)our Story?

I am little confused regarding this question; however, this got me thinking about my classmate’s WordPress websites. Our websites are basically “About Me” pages and what we believe in and are passionate about. The websites will showcase our personalities. Our photos and other illustrations are incorporating storytelling in web design. I am not sure about what our future assignments will be about, but I believe we all are going to incorporate what is meaningful to US! and sort of “personalize” and just really have fun with the future assignments in this class. Online storytelling will guide us in expressing what we stand for and are passionate about. I really like this version of storytelling because it is really unique rather than traditional writing/storytelling and we are able to increase our digital literacy. I believe understanding the tools and the process of creating and designing will become somewhat challenging, but if we collaborate and work as a team we could reach a deeper understanding and create digital stories that we all could enjoy!

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