12 Minutes: Sleeping Pills: November 5, 2021

I ACTUALLY AM KIND OF FIGURING OUT NEW INFORMATION! The first thing I wanted to do was have the wife announce that she’s pregnant because I saw the present of the onesie in the drawer. We both are dessert and she gave me the present. I opened it and was excited about the news. Then, the robber came and the loop started all over again. I didn’t feel like repeating the announcement so I stopped asking her about the special evening or anything related about the pregnancy surprise. Then, I remember grabbing the sleeping pills from the medicine cabinet. I filled a mug with water, then put the pills in the mug. I did this while she was in the living room so she saw what I was doing. In the next loop, I went to the bathroom and put the pills in the mug so she wouldn’t see me. I made sure to get all of the mugs so she couldn’t drink water. I gave her the spiked drink and she actually fell unconscious! I was soooo excited! I took the book and house keys from her and called 911. For a few loops, I did this strategy and told 911 different scenarios but I just kept dying in the end! I’m excited about the new discovery and can’t wait to find out more next week!

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