Today is the final game journal, so I just really wanted to find the answers. I admit it, I had to cheat. I didn’t want to spend hours replaying the same loop over and over again. The polaroid helped me find out the truth about the wife. Apparently, the wife didn’t kill her father he half-brother did. WHICH IS HER HUSBAND! Her father had an affair with a nanny. The nanny’s name was Dahlia which is the husband’s mother’s name! I still don’t quite understand the timeline…for example, the wife was somewhere else on Christmas Eve when her father died…so then why did she lie about it??? And why did the fake cop just randomly accuse her of killing her father without any reason or proof? I called Bumblebee (fake cops daughter) and told her to call her father and tell him not to hurt us. When he arrived I explained to the wife that I knew each and every detail about the “mystery” and she told the fake cop the truth. I gave the baby clothes to the cop when he mentioned the nanny and that’s how I found out that I was the half-brother…YUCK! Then, I ended up in a dark room with the wife’s father???? I THINK??? I was just confused…then I ended up back in the loop. I still don’t think this is the end because when I looked up the full gameplay on YouTube the husband was in a totally different room. And in the end there were credits rolling. But I’m not going to keep going through the loops anymore.

Overall, I really enjoyed playing this game even though it was really frustrating sometimes. The voice actors did a really great job and the storyline was awesome. I was really invested in the storyline. The amount of twists this game had…it was so intriguing. The timeline is somewhat confusing…because I just got so tired in the end…I just wanted to be done. I don’t think it’s 110% finished but I’m satisfied with the answers I found. Nothing can be worse than being stuck in an infinite loop. I felt like I wanted to pull my hair out BUT AT THE SAME TIME I WANTED TO FIND THE ANSWERS!!! I definitely was more invested in this game than I was with Life is Strange. Playing 12 Minutes is my favorite game I played for this class!

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