Life is Strange: Beginning of Episode 2: September 17, 2021

Today I started Episode 2 of Life is Strange. I started in the girl’s dormitories. A fellow classmate suggested that I should click every single thing in the game, so that’s what I started to do. After clicking everything and talking to people I headed straight to the bathrooms. Max sees Kate in the bathroom and has a really sad conversation. I feel really bad for what Kate is going through. I wonder was it really her in the video? I have a feeling Max is going to find out that Kate was not the girl in the video. As Max is taking a shower, she overhears Victoria and Taylor’s conversation about Kate. This scene made me so beyond mad. I hope they get karma. After that, Max goes to Kate’s room to give her book back and learns that maybe Kate’s drink was spiked. Max leaves the room and dormitories. I look forward to finding out what’s next!

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