Life is Strange: The Junkyard: September 30, 2021

Today I started at the junkyard with Chloe. My task was to find five bottles so Chloe can play a bottle shooting game. As I was finding the bottles I stumbled upon a Doe. I am so upset because I lost my opportunity to take a picture. I realized that I shouldn’t have gotten too close. I thought maybe she would come back, but she never did. It took me awhile to find the last bottle which was beside a small campfire that was hidden in between cars. I went back to Chloe and I had to go back in time a few times for Chloe to win. I didn’t expect a bullet to actually shoot Chloe so that was scary, but I went back in time. Then, Max’s nose starts to bleed and she faints. Let’s see what happens next!

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