Week Four Assignment Bank: Capturing The Power Of Editing!

Week Four Assignment Bank: Capturing The Power Of Editing!

This week one of the assignments we were given was to choose assignments from the “Visual Assignments” section in the assignment bank. All of the assignments combined have to have a total of twelve stars. The assignments I chose were “The Life Of A Superhero” (2 stars), “Colorize It” (3 stars), “ComboPhoto” (3 stars), and “Design To Shock” (4 stars).

The Life of A Superhero

Wonder Woman Trampoline Fun

For this assignment I made an image of a superhero in an everyday life situation. I chose the superhero Wonder Woman…well…because WOMAN POWER and because she’s just so awesome.🤩💥 I did not want to just copy and paste an image from Google and call it a day. I actually wanted to create something. Initially, I was thinking how I would go about this because normal photos do not have a transparent/PNG background. I also did not want the hassle of cutting her out and looking very messy and have it look like it wasn’t nicely put together. So, I decided to search transparent images of Wonder Woman and paste her in front of an ordinary background. Then, I realized “Why not have her actually do something in the photo?” So, that is when I thought about gifs. I was determined to find a gif that was transparent because normal photos and gifs have backgrounds. (Obviously), but that is why I wanted to search for transparent background gifs, so I did not have the hassle of cutting her out with uneven edges. There was not a lot of options for transparent gifs of Wonder Woman, so I stuck with this one of her jumping. I was wondering “What normal situation would Wonder Woman be in by just jumping?” So, I looked up trampolines with transparent backgrounds. I combined the two photos in my PicCollage app on my iPhone. I then uploaded the gif on my laptop and used the website to remove the watermark.

Colorize It

For this assignment I adjusted the colors of a photo I had previously taken. This photo was taken in the beginning of 2020 when I went on the Sky Princess Cruise. Thankfully, my family and I made it back on time safe and sound before the virus got worse. I had trouble using online applications to adjust the colors. None of the websites could not adjust the colors correctly and even took a long time to process the image. So, I decided to download the app Change Color of Photos on my iPhone to just adjust the colors with my finger. This process was much faster than trying to adjust the colors on my laptop. I wanted to make this unrealistic and crazy looking! Initially, I was trying to avoid coloring myself pink, but that was too difficult, and it would look very messy with uneven edges.


For this assignment I used a photo editing app to splice or blend two pictures into one. I did not want to combine two photos from Google, but at least use one photo of my own. So, I decided to use one of my travel photos. This photo was taken at a Spa Resort where my mom took me for my 17th birthday. As soon as I saw the water, I thought about one of my most irrational fears…and that is imagining a shark in the same pool I’m swimming in.😂🤦🏻‍♀️ I used this shark photo and flipped it so the shark would be facing towards the stairs. Again, online applications were a real hassle, so I switched to the Blend: Combine Photo Editor app. I selected the two photos to edit and erased the excess part of the shark photo. I had difficulty trying to remove the watermark, but we’ll just go with it! Overall, I think it looks so cool!

Design To Shock

A Sea Of Space

For this assignment I used the graphics editor application GIMP to combine two images and create a message. After I finished the Combophoto assignment I was thinking about the ocean. When I was thinking about the ocean the word “infinite” popped into my mind. The ocean is so vast and endless similarly, to space. I decided to download an image of an astronaut with a transparent background and past him in front of a picture of the galaxy. I downloaded the software and uploaded the two images into different layers. I blended the galaxy background behind the astronaut and then added the text. I created the phrase “A Sea Of Space” because I was imagining a connection between the ocean and the galaxy.


I had fun with these challenges! I used to take a lot of pictures; however, over the years I gradually stopped because life got busy. I also took two years of a graphic design class. I used to have the Adobe Creative Cloud applications, but canceled my membership after graduating from high school. After downloading the software GIMP, I realized how similar it was to Adobe Illustrator! I was reminded of some of the things I learned in my Graphic Design class. I learned a lot from analyzing the articles and the visuals of storytelling. I realize that I’m forgetting my photography skills!😭 I want to revisit photography and definitely improve in every aspect. It all takes practice and commitment!

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