Weekly Summary: WEEK FIVE

Weekly Summary: WEEK FIVE

Week five was a lot of fun. I thought it would be super challenging because I do not have experience with audio editing. Initially, I had a little trouble downloading the FFmpeg. I kept checking the diagnostics and it kept displaying the message “Error: Failed to load shared library.” After a few tries I was finally able to have the libraries loaded successfully. I watched a few YouTube videos to learn about using Audacity.

The first assignment I started off with was my reflection regarding audio storytelling. I am more of a visual person and tend to become very bored very fast when listening to podcasts. I just get distracted. I did think the sound effects in Moon Graffiti was cool! I referred to the film Joker that released in 2019. I really loved the music and sound affects of this film. Whoever composed the soundtracks…I salute you! I also liked Abumrad’s explanation of audio storytelling. I provided a link to my audio storytelling reflection post below!

Instead of usually starting off with the assignment bank assignments, I decided to create my radio bumper. I downloaded a free sample of the soundtrack New Beginning by Simon Jomphe Lepine from the website I imported the file into Audacity and pressed Shift+R. This enabled Audacity to play the song while recording simultaneously. I also cut out a snippet of the song where a voice says “storyblocks.” Next, I decided to make a video intro for fun! Even though it wasn’t part of this week’s to-do list I still wanted to brainstorm creative ways for making an intro video. I used the website, chose a template, personalized it, and then chose to do a free download. Then, I used the website to add text. I uploaded the audio recording and embedded the video to my radio bumper post. I provided a link to my radio bumper below post below!

The daily creates this week were fairly easy to do. I did not enjoy doing them as much, but enjoyed seeing everyone’s submissions. The three assignments that I chose were Be The Very First To View A Digitized Object In The UK Science Museum, Create A Spam Submission, and Best Bird. The only daily create I liked was the best bird competition, because the peacock is my favorite bird. They are so beautiful! I provided a link to my Daily Creates post below!

The last assignment I worked on was the audio assignments in the assignment bank. I had a lot of fun creating these assignments. I actually kind of feel proud of myself. Initially, I was getting a little frustrated because I couldn’t download anything because of copyright, or I had to pay. I am so happy I was able to convert videos to MP3 and WAV for free! I cut the clips, used the selection tool, and other various editing tools in Audacity. I worked really hard on these assignments. Overall, these assignments were somewhat challenging, but I love learning something out of it. I am learning new skills and enhancing my digital literacy!  I provided a link to my assignment bank post below!

I came up with some radio show ideas. I chose virtual/augmented reality, different types of technological media, movies/cinema, story of the day/life during the pandemic, and music (any genre). I provided a link to my radio show ideas post below!

Additionally, I am continuing to like and comment on other students’ work! I submitted my top three posts of this week!🎼🏆👍🏻

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