Weekly Summary: WEEK SEVEN: Radio Show Progress

Weekly Summary: WEEK SEVEN: Radio Show Progress

This week has been great because it didn’t feel as overwhelming. The planning of the radio show has been going pretty smoothly! My team members are Marche Drummond, Matthew Kanter, and Kenneth Hargrove. W are group two and our topic is Story of the Day: Life During The Pandemic. We are planning to record the podcast on Saturday March 13, 2021 at the vocal booth in the Multimedia Editing Lab (HCC 116). I created a GroupMe chat where all of us were able to share our projects, provide feedback, and discuss our plans for Saturday.

The first assignment I completed was the radio poster. I saved a picture of the galaxy, PNG of earth with a mask on, PNG of headphones, PNG of the coronavirus cell, and PNG of the podcast logo. I imported everything into GIMP and used the pen tool to cut out the earth from the space background to put on top of the galaxy photo. I also did the same thing with the logo and used the bucket tool to change the color to black instead of the original color orange. I duplicated the layers of the COVID germ to put all around in the galaxy to make it look like there were germs everywhere. I used some of the transform tools to adjust the headphones then used the eraser tool to remove some of the ear muffs so it would fit better. The font I used was Agency FB Bold Condensed. I used this font because it fit really well with the sci-fi/space theme. I think it looks too busy, but I think it looks cool too. Let me know what you think!

Pandemic Podcast Poster

I completed two audio assignments! The first one I completed was the commercial. I wanted the commercial to relate to the podcast instead of doing something off topic. I didn’t want to make a commercial that was too long, but something short and sweet. This commercial is perfect for featuring as the first ad after ending the first topic/discussion. This ad could also be great for showing as the first commercial every time after ending/transitioning of the topics. This commercial sets a reminder to listeners to not forget to download and listen to the entire show. I downloaded a free sample of the soundtrack Joyful Ride by Simon Jomphe Lepine from the website I imported the file into Audacity and pressed Shift+R. This enabled Audacity to play the song while recording simultaneously. I also cut out two snippets of the song where a voice says “storyblocks.”

The second audio assignment is very simple. I wanted to have very short intro music and decided to download the audio News Opening 4 from the website Then, I uploaded the music to Soundcloud.

The daily creates this week were fairly easy to do. I did not enjoy doing them as much, but enjoyed seeing everyone’s submissions. The three assignments that I chose were Design A Better Chameleon, What Happened Before Or After This Scene?, and Picture Yourself On Mars. I think my favorite daily create was the chameleon one because Pascal is so cute, and I think it’s really funny! I provided a link to my Daily Creates post below!

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