Weekly Summary: WEEK TEN

Weekly Summary: WEEK TEN

This week has been a very busy week for me! I had to complete this really complex coding project and it took up most of my time. I also had additional work from other classes. However, I’m glad that I was able to squeeze the assignments for this class before the deadline! I thought I would enjoy the video assignments, but to be really honest it felt more like a chore. I mainly felt this way doing the three star assignment because there was just a lot to do. It honestly didn’t feel like three stars it felt like five. The five star assignment took a lot less time to complete! What I really liked the most was watching the movie videos from the YouTube channel Every Frame A Painting. I enjoy films and cinematography, so I was actually really fascinated by all of the videos.

I always like to start off with completing the Assignment Bank assignments as usual. This week, all of the assignments combined have to have at least a total of ten stars. The assignments I chose were Where Do Your Shoes Take You? (2 stars), Discuss A Films Plot (3 stars), and “Point Of View” (5 stars). I actually enjoyed completing the week six design category assignments more than the video ones even though the week six assignments took longer. I tried downloading two video editing applications and both of them had the big watermark in the middle. The only way to get rid of the watermark was to buy the software…what a bummer!👎🏻 I provided a link to my assignment bank post below!

I chose to give a short summary about the whip pan shot! A whip pan gives the viewer a sort of “whiplash” effect or a motion blur effect. This technique is usually intentionally “sloppy shots.” This can create indistinct streaks to create blurry shots in-between moving people, objects, or through time and space. First, I wanted to screen record some whip pan scenes from YouTube. Then I imported the videos into the InShot app to fix the screen size. Since the video editing software has a huge logo in the front I decided to download a VoiceOver app. After recording the audio I combined the final two clips in so it became one video. I learned that this technique is great for amplifying the adrenaline of a scene or action, transitions between scenes, and indicates the passage of time.

The daily creates this week were very easy to do. I only had to upload photos that I previously had! Also, I liked the topics! The two assignments that I chose were Accidental Photo and We Are Makers. I provided a link to my Daily Creates post below!

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