Weekly Summary: WEEK THIRTEEN

Weekly Summary: WEEK THIRTEEN

This week has been very chill! My partner for the final project is Kenneth Hargrove. The plan for the final project is to design an album cover in the GIMP program and add music in the background. I will be designing the cover and Kenneth will add music over it. He will be using the software FL Studio for the visual and audio affects. The title we are thinking to name this project is “Pandemic Playlist.” After the designing an editing, we plan to upload the video to YouTube or a streaming site. The video will feature different songs…kind of like a radio station! The theme of this project is telling a story that listening to songs helped people cope with emotional challenges while COVID-19 quarantining. Music helped a lot of people stay sane during the health crisis. Ultimately, music is good for our soul and can uplift our spirits. Kenneth and I have been texting back and forth about ideas and have been discussing the plan. We plan to start the project over the weekend! We wanted to finalize some ideas before gathering the images and songs. This however, means we cannot post a preview or anything this week. 🙁 You will all have to wait and be surprised!

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