Weekly Summary: WEEK TWELVE

Weekly Summary: WEEK TWELVE

This week was soooo chill! I enjoyed completing all of the assignments! I always like to start off with completing the Assignment Bank assignments as usual. All of the assignments combined have to have a total of eight stars. The assignments I chose were “Buffalax!” (3 stars) and “Animoji Karaoke” (5 stars). Additionally, I chose to do two remixes from previous assignments. The assignments I chose to remix are “You’re Favorite Photo” (1 1/2 stars) and “Colorize It” (3 stars). I provided a link to my assignment bank post below!

The daily creates this week were fairly easy to do. I enjoyed completing all three daily creates. The three assignments that I chose were Online Persona, Braid A Poem With The AI Help of “The Poets”, and Who’s Agent106?. My favorite daily create this week is Online Persona because I just looove the picture of my cousin Zareena! I provided a link to my Daily Creates post below!

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