12 Minutes: The Beginning of Solving The Mystery Puzzle: October 19, 2021

Gosh…where do I start. This game has been such a crazy ride. I love the concept, but sometimes it is reallllyyyy frustrating. I have been on an endless loop trying to find the watch the wife is hiding. I have tried soooo many different ways to solve this complex puzzle. I don’t remember what all I have done because the time goes so fast and I’m doing the best I can to figure out the puzzle. The steps are almost different every time a loop starts. So far, I think the “cop” is fake. I think he’s just a robber. I also think the wife is innocent…she said her father died from a heart attack, so maybe she didn’t kill her father. I opened the two ventilators but there was nothing in them. I tried many different ways to kill the cop, but I always die. Ugh! Let’s see what I can accomplish next time!

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