12 Minutes: The Cop Reveals Info & Wife Reveals The Hidden Watch!: November 12, 2021

I MADE THE COP BECOME UNCONSCIOUS! I am soooo happy! I feel like I’m getting closer to solving the puzzle. I don’t remember the exact order of events because everything was happening so fast. I made the wife flip the light switch a couple of times so when the fake cop comes he gets shocked and becomes unconscious. I snuck the sleeping pills in the mug again and took the pregnancy surprise gift. Then I told her that the table was set and she went to grab the gift. She becomes upset and sits in the bedroom. This was the perfect opportunity to offer her water and she drank it! She fell on the bed and I took her book and house keys. I called 911 and told them about the fake cop. When the cop arrived he turned on the light switch and became unconscious. I took all of his belongings and even used the zip-ties on him so he wouldn’t escape. I went through his phone and found out that his daughter had cancer! I asked him a lot of questions and he revealed that the wife was truly a murderer. Then, the next couple of loops I stabbed and shot him….but the ambulance never came. I didn’t know what to do next. I was getting extremely frustrated and decided to look up only one clue. So, when the next loop started I hid in the closet so the wife thinks I’m still at work. The cop arrives and she actually reveals the truth about where she hid the watch! IT WAS UNDERNEATH THE MEDICINE CABINET! The cop killed her and I ran to the vent underneath the medicine cabinet and used the knife to open the vent. I put the candle in there because it was really dark and I found the watch! Overall, I’m really happy about the progress I made so far and I hope that I can finish the game next week!

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