Life is Strange: Kate Commits Suicide: October 8, 2021: FINAL JOURNAL

I finally finished episode two today! Unfortunately, I was not able to save Kate. This actually made me really upset. I was unable to rewind, but I was able to freeze time so I could go on the roof. I tried to convince Kate not to jump, but I guess my choices were not good enough for her to stay. After that, I told Principle Wells that Nathan drugged her, and he got expelled until the investigation is clear.

Overall, I really enjoyed playing the first two episodes of Life is Strange. I really liked playing Max’s character and the storyline was very interesting! However, I do have a few criticisms. When, why, and how did she get her time travel powers? How is her time travel powers connected to the storm? I had these questions in mind throughout episodes one and two, and they are still not answered. Is it because the answer is in episode five? I feel like they should’ve elaborated on her time travel powers. Also, I was not a fan of the character and setting design. The characters are mostly expressionless. They just talk by opening or closing their mouths a little, but there wasn’t really emotion. The voices did a better job of adding more life to the characters. Other than that, I enjoyed playing this time-travel mystery game!

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