Life is Strange: Near Death Experience on Train Tracks!: October 1, 2021

I have been really stressed out playing this game today. Max and Chloe meet Frank Bowers who was demanding money from Chloe. He was also wearing Rachel’s bracelet. I thought Frank was about to hurt one of the girls with a knife when Max suddenly pulls out the gun. I chose not to shoot and thankfully he left us alone.

Then, Chloe and Max sit on the train tracks. This was by far the most intense part of the game for me. I was stressing out so much! Chloe got stuck in the train tracks and I had to quickly save her by finding some tools and cut a wire. Thank god I chose the red wire! My heart was beating so fast. I was constantly hearing Max scream for help which increased my anxiety through the roof!

Next, Chloe drops off Max at Blackwell Academy. I talked to Principle Wells again, and he is such an idiot. He is purposefully trying to cover something up. He kept denying the truth and made Max look like she is stupid for making up a story. I don’t trust him. I roamed the halls, talked to a few people, and looked at some posters. I saw Kate walking away crying from Mr. Jefferson…which was really weird. Then, I was eavesdropping on Mr. Jefferson’s phone call which made me feel like something is really fishy. After I sat down in his class, Max sees Kate crying and walking towards the girl’s dormitories while David was taking a picture of her??? SO CREEPY!!! Suddenly, Zachary screamed that something was happening at the dorms and everyone left the classroom. Max left and saw Kate standing on top of the roof! I was so freaked out! Let’s see what happens next!

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