Life is Strange: The Diner: September 24, 2021

Today I started outside of the girl’s dormitories. I talked to Samuel Taylor and discovered that he kept photos of Rachel. I was super creeped out by this person. I unlocked a few achievements by taking many photos, but I think I missed one outside of the diner. I talked to a few people outside and discovered a creep behind the RV. I talked to Chloe’s mom and the other people in the diner. Chloe walks in and we talk for a little bit. When I was asked to make four predictions I kept getting the police officer prediction wrong, and it was hard to maneuver the screen when I was sitting down. So, I could not see the cockroach on the jukebox. I eventually got all the answers correct and now I end up in a junkyard with Chloe. Let’s see what happens next!

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